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Dark Holler Arts UPDATE, September 28, 2013

News from the labels: Eleventh Key has released a split CDr from Night and LAYR. Great shared release by two bands from the York experimental music scene. Hand/Eye artist GREY MARCH and Lost Grave artist The Dispossessed both made The Big Takeover Top 10 for September 2013. You can check

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Sound Utterance #1

Sound Utterance is an occasional column reviewing CDs, vinyl, cassettes, and downloads –  albums, eps, and singles. Crust, anarcho-punk, doom, experimental, post-punk, drone, wyrdfolk, black metal, acid-folk and more. We prefer to review physical releases. Unless we know you, we are unlikely to download your album – so send a

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Wyrd Sisters: Third Ear Band and Polanski’s MacBeth

Roman Polanski’s MacBeth is a dark film, even considering the source material. The first movie he made after his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, suffered her fate at the hands of the Manson Family, MacBeth is a bloody affair. Polanski’s Scotland is dark, muddy, foggy, rainy, and cold. The film bears

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More Fog Please! The Sisters of Mercy – live 1985

The Sisters of Mercy live, 1985. Full concert.

Le Loyon: A decade of wandering the woods with the mysterious stranger

For over a decade a mysterious man in a dark cloak, boilersuit, and gas mask has wandered the woods of Switzerland. Recently, someone snapped a photograph: More info HERE

Weird Shit From Old Metal Magazines #2

The following images were scanned from METALSCENE USA VOL1. No5 June 15/July31 1988. I consider this to be a nice piece of heavy metal ephemera! The magazine consists of the cockiest of cock rock mixed up with early death and thrash metal. As you can see the advertising is priceless.

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