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Dark Holler Arts news / updates, spring 2018

     Hand/Eye • Eleventh Key • Lost Grave • Dark Holler updates and news Welcome Hand/Eye has 3 new Stone Breath-related projects available for pre-order in one package. Fallow is the new solo CD album from Stone Breath‘s Timothy Renner. Very much in the same vein as Stone Breath, Fallow is full of folk songs –

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Now Playing: Sad Songs for Springtime Mix

Amanda Votta, Grey Malkin, and Neddal Ayad put together a new mix for springtime…here’s what they had to say about it: Everyone loves sad songs. Everyone has a handful (or more) that they secretly (or not so secretly) adore, worship and couldn’t really live right without. Sad songs are often

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NOW PLAYING: Monotremata Mix

Roy K. Felps, former editor/publisher of The One True Dead Angel, purveyor of music heavy, noisy, and doomy, and former head of the sadly defunct Monotremata Records reanimates the label (sort-of) in a special mix he put together just for us. (Thanks Roy!)   MONOTREMATA MIX Hi there. I’m RKF

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Now Playing: Secrets to the Sea HALLOWEEN mix

Neddal Ayad and Amanda Votta aka Secrets to the Sea have put together a Halloween mix for your listening pleasure – including the premiere of a new Secrets to the Sea song!. Here’s what they had to say: Neddal and I both love Halloween. Months before, we’ll start discussing what

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Sound Utterance #1

Sound Utterance is an occasional column reviewing CDs, vinyl, cassettes, and downloads –  albums, eps, and singles. Crust, anarcho-punk, doom, experimental, post-punk, drone, wyrdfolk, black metal, acid-folk and more. We prefer to review physical releases. Unless we know you, we are unlikely to download your album – so send a

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Wyrd Sisters: Third Ear Band and Polanski’s MacBeth

Roman Polanski’s MacBeth is a dark film, even considering the source material. The first movie he made after his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, suffered her fate at the hands of the Manson Family, MacBeth is a bloody affair. Polanski’s Scotland is dark, muddy, foggy, rainy, and cold. The film bears

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