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Dark Holler Arts news / updates, spring 2018

     Hand/Eye • Eleventh Key • Lost Grave • Dark Holler updates and news Welcome Hand/Eye has 3 new Stone Breath-related projects available for pre-order in one package. Fallow is the new solo CD album from Stone Breath‘s Timothy Renner. Very much in the same vein as Stone Breath, Fallow is full of folk songs –

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Gross Ex Machina- ruiner EP

Gross Ex Machina- Ruiner Lancaster Pennsylvanias GROSS EX MACHINA have meticulously crafted elements of grindcore, jazz, prog, post hardcore, and experimental electronic music to create a truly unique, avant-metal debut, RUINER. This monster EP seamlessly transitions between a psychotic vortex of carnal aggression, beautifully layered guitar-scapes, sci-fi carnival music, and

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The Dispossessed on Lost Grave

The Disposssessed The Best of 1986-1988 Connecticut’s proto-goth / post-punk pioneers, The Dispossessed, had an amazingly productive albeit far-too-short career. The Dispossessed combined 60’s garage rock sounds with a guitar-driven take on post-punk/modern rock into songs that managed to be dark, catchy, sardonic, and sparkling at once. In their short

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