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Hand/Eye has 3 new Stone Breath-related projects available for pre-order in one package.

Fallow is the new solo CD album from Stone Breath‘s Timothy Renner. Very much in the same vein as Stone Breath, Fallow is full of folk songs – and almost entirely acoustic (some electronic processing was done on 2 tracks). Witchy, lonesome, sparse songs which speak of spirits, strange creatures, and weird walks though haunted landscapes. 17 songs plus one field recording. (songs which have appeared on other Stone BreathCrow Tongue, or solo records are in all new versions here.)

Haint is a limited edition 5″ lathe-cut record made to accompany Fallow. This contains 2 new songs not on the Fallow CD: Face the Haint and Shapeshifter. The record will come with a 3″ mini-CD with both songs.

Entity Drift is a CD of dark ambient, drone, and liminal whir created by Timothy Renner for Strange Familiars podcast. Sound sources from Stone Breath and TR. Eleven tracks blended into 71 minutes.

The three are available together in one package at the Stone Breath bandcamp page:


You also get a woven olw-witch patch as part of the Fallow/Haint/Entity Drift package:

There are only 30 copies available of the Haint record. For now it is only available as part of this package. If these do not sell out by June, we may make the parts available separately – but for now the only way to be sure you will get a copy of the Haint record is to order the package above.

In the past, all of the Stone Breath lathe-cut records have sold out quickly. We have gotten many complaints from folks who wanted copies of the lathe-cut records but didn’t get to the order page fast enough … these records are expensive to make and we never know exactly how many we can sell – so we go with limited editions as opposed to warehousing more records.

As of this writing there are 2 left of the 30 Haint records we made. They are only being sold via the bandcamp links above so we can keep track of inventory.

Since the last newsletter, Timothy also released a live album (download only), Live Alone 1. This album was recorded in a haunted church in February 2018. It is available at the Stone Breath bandcamp page.

If you haven’t caught our podcast, check out Strange Familiars. Our interest in all things strange plays out in a biweekly setting. Cryptids, ghosts, UFOs, the occult, folklore, weird history, and more. You can find episodes at the Strange Familiars website or at all of the usual places for podcasts (iTunes, Stitcher, etc). We also have a Patreon page where folks can sign up for different rewards (t-shirts, pins, stickers, etc) – and we offer bonus content, including some full episodes just for patrons.

Our ongoing reminder about postage costs: We are aware our shopping cart calculates postage high sometimes (other times it is exactly right though!). We are still trying to find a solution… this may mean going back to the old postage-paid pricing system – which doesn’t really help international orders as the postage-paid pricing adds up very quickly. As always, we are happy to refund some postage costs on orders where the shopping cart calculates it too high – it isn’t our goal to try to make extra money on postage. We are also very happy to give you an exact quote for postage before you order – it’s no problem at all.

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the latest release from Eleventh Key

Centuries of Deception / Necroparthenophagy

the latest releases from Hand/Eye


You can also get Wildnisgeist via the Stone Breath bandcamp HERE

the latest release from Lost Grave

#13.08 Time Moth Eye and the Spectral Light Grave Needs 2CDr set.

You can also get Grave Needs via the Time Moth Eye bandcamp HERE

Check out the Lost Grave etsy shop for lots of limited edition items, art prints, original art, and more. 

News from our Artists

Stone Breath / Timothy Renner

Stone Breath – are still working on their next album of folksongs. We are hopeful this will be completed in 2018.

Timothy’s third book, Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men, was published in January 2018. Another collection of historical bigfoot / “wild man” reports – this volume focuses on California, Oregon, and Washington State. Look for Bigfoot: West Coast Wild Men at Amazon or ask for it at your local bookseller. Of course signed copies are always available directly from us.

Timothy has written an article for the ongoing anthology of bigfoot research, Wood Knocks. His article appears in volume 3 of the series, which has just been released. While Timothy continues compliling articles and research for further “wild man” collections, he is also working on his follow-up to Beyond the Seventh Gate, a book of illustrated folklore and another involving research into some forgotten legends of Pennsylvania.




The Owls A.N.W.T.S.

The OWLS are busy recording new material for upcoming releases.

 The Owls A.N.W.T.S. Facebook


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