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Neddal Ayad and Amanda Votta aka Secrets to the Sea have put together a Halloween mix for your listening pleasure – including the premiere of a new Secrets to the Sea song!.

Here’s what they had to say:

Neddal and I both love Halloween. Months before, we’ll start discussing what the perfect Halloween songs are, what the right movies to watch are. Mostly, we agree. But when we do disagree we’re both very insistent that our individual choices are the only correct ones. This year, we had a long debate on whether the Misfits were more Halloween because of the subject matter of their songs (Neddal,1-7) or whether early The Cure was because it’s more evocative of that ghostly strangeness that makes Halloween so special (Amanda 8-14). This obviously led us to deciding that making a mix of our favorite spooky, Halloween-ish songs was the only way to go. As we started putting this together, we also finished working on a couple new songs for our band, Secrets to the Sea. Since they are more than a little influenced by the spooky end of music, we thought this would be an ideal place and time to premier one – the very last song here, feathersandgodbones.

You can find their mix here: A Secrets to the Sea Halloween


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