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Primitive Man 10.18.13

Primitive Man, Wrath of Typhon & Night will be playing at the DEPOT on October 18th. 360 West Cottage Place, York, Pennsylvania 17401. Doors at 8pm.

Gross Ex Machina- ruiner EP

Gross Ex Machina- Ruiner Lancaster Pennsylvanias GROSS EX MACHINA have meticulously crafted elements of grindcore, jazz, prog, post hardcore, and experimental electronic music to create a truly unique, avant-metal debut, RUINER. This monster EP seamlessly transitions between a psychotic vortex of carnal aggression, beautifully layered guitar-scapes, sci-fi carnival music, and

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The Dispossessed on Lost Grave

The Disposssessed The Best of 1986-1988 Connecticut’s proto-goth / post-punk pioneers, The Dispossessed, had an amazingly productive albeit far-too-short career. The Dispossessed combined 60’s garage rock sounds with a guitar-driven take on post-punk/modern rock into songs that managed to be dark, catchy, sardonic, and sparkling at once. In their short

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