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Sound Utterance is an occasional column reviewing CDs, vinyl, cassettes, and downloads –  albums, eps, and singles. Crust, anarcho-punk, doom, experimental, post-punk, drone, wyrdfolk, black metal, acid-folk and more. We prefer to review physical releases. Unless we know you, we are unlikely to download your album – so send a physical album or a link to a streaming site like bandcamp. (send albums to:  S.U. c/o Dark Holler Arts, PO Box 723, Red Lion PA 17356-0723, USA)

 The Floating World - The Wood Beyond the World cover image 

Each album from The Floating World seems to be delivered with more skill and confidence than the previous. Calling this band simply “dark ambient” is an oversimplification bordering on dismissive. The Wood Beyond the World (Cyclic Law/Eclipse) takes Amanda Votta’s flute based dream-songs, molds them with clay and bone, water and wind, and gives new weight with the addition of Neddal Ayad (guitar), Grey Malkin (drones, bells, piano), and Roy Felps (acoustic guitar). This new flesh, sonically and otherwise, acts like a golem for The Floating World – taking the sounds from the aether and giving them a new earthen presence. The end result is captivating – making The Wood Beyond the World a journey in sound that successfully bridges the physical and the metaphysical – and feels like a field recording of some lost ritual, forgotten by time. More like this please! ( The Floating World )

comets ov cupid

Comets Ov Cupid’s third full-length, Vril Kosmiche Urkraft, hitches a broken krautrock space capsule to a black metal horse and drives it through the astral plane. At the reigns is none other than Jason Kesselring (see also: Skye Klad, The Satyrswitch) – whose guitar skills remain as impressive as ever. Alternately atmospheric and spacious; heavy and labyrinthine – Vril Kosmiche Urkraft – journeys across the Nine Worlds with skill and ease and we lucky listeners get to experience the ride. ( Comets Ov Cupid )

ghost ad goblin

Something different, yet well done, is always a pleasure – and so comes a very nice surprise by the name of Ghost and Goblin. A two-man band seamlessly blending horror themes with electronic sounds and more traditional guitar/drum interplay in a pop-rock-doom hybrid. The album is called SUPERHORRORCASTLELAND, and the songs will grab you. Crafted with care and skill not often seen- and, what, on paper, would seem to be a recipe for possible failure becomes instead one hell of a pop record. It’s a great, fun listen – one fantastic song following another – and one wonders what else the pay-to-play corporate rock world is missing when two fellas from NY can do this all on their own.  Available on vinyl LP (mixed color) or digital download. ( )


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