Albatwitch – If Corporations are People, Why Won’t They Die? CD


1. Collateral Murder 
2. A Hand from the Sky 
3. Pin 
4. Corporate Personhood 
5. Corporate Corpse 
6. Mirror Tower 
7. Rattlesnake in the Rabbit’s Den 
8. Where Angels Fear to Tread 
9. Israel 
10. The Lost and the Unfound 
11. Support the Troops 
12. Terror Reign 
13. Red, White, and Blindfolded 
14. Freedom Industries 
15. Monuments 
16. Fed to the Wolves 
17. The Sad Reap 
18. No More!

Hand/Eye h/e061

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Albatwitch return with their second full-length, If Corporations are People, Why Won’t They Die? – an angrier, yet more refined take on the anarcho-experimentalism they birthed on their first album. Politically charged bursts of grind, dark drones, and blackened crust weave together with acoustic folk and bursts of harsh noise. Employing everything from celtic harp, balalaika, harmonium, and wood flutes to lead heavy electric guitars and bass, Albatwitch embraces freedom and possibility in their music as much as their politics.

CD in digipak with lyric insert. Features members of Stone Breath and LAYR.

If Corporations are People, Why Won’t They Die? by Albatwitch

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