Albatwitch – Only Dead Birds Sing Over the Graves of Fallen Kings CDr


  1. Die Gedanken Sind Frei
  2. Break Apart
  3. Beneath the Flood
  4. Floodwaters
  5. Only Dead Birds Sing Over the Graves of Fallen Kings
  6. Dead Kings
  7. A.M.P.I.C.
  8. Nomads
  9. The Gods and the Apes
  10. Liar’s Noose
  11. The Hanged Man
  12. Rise!
  13. Ascending Fire
  14. Hammer and Nail
  15. Goat
  16. Frack-ture
  17. Black Waters Rise

Lost Grave #13.04

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Combining a broad range of musical interests – from anarcho-punk to traditional folk to black metal – Albatwitch have created an aberrant yet cohesive debut album, “Only Dead Birds Sing Over the Graves of Fallen Kings.”

The opening traditional folk song is followed by a blast of harsh noise which rolls into d-beat crust … the rest of the album flows from celtic harp based folk songs to experimental drone instrumentals back to noise and more crust … wandering like nomads through the various underground sub-genres which they see as connected sonically – and which they further connect through the themes of anti-corporate protest and political outrage explored throughout the album.

Members of Albatwitch have played in Stone Breath (acid folk), LAYR (blackened noise), Crow Tongue (chant and drone), and many other bands – but Albatwitch, of all their projects, combines their full range of influences into one many headed beast.

CDr, full color booklet, + vinyl sticker (while supplies last)

(Albatwitch takes their name from a local, South Central, PA, cryptid – a tribe of small ape-men which was supposedly hunted to extinction in the 1800s.)

Note: each copy of this album comes with a free Albatwitch small patch while supplies last. If you have a preference on which design, let us know when you order and we will try to get you the design you want. If you don’t let us know, or if the design of your choice is out of stock, we will substitute another patch.

Covers are hand-printed and may differ from the image shown.

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