Beneath the Lake – Silent Uprising CD


1. Empty City
2. Fire & Rain
3. Silent Uprising
4. Chasm
5. Blind Inspiration

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A truly stunning follow up to their debut 2002 “Inside Passage” offering! “Silent Uprising” features five flowing & meditative compositions clocking in at 70+ minutes.

The music of Beneath the Lake is based upon compositions of soundscapes using samplers, guitars, bass, wind instruments, organs, effect processors, and field recordings to generate sound. The concept behind the music is to create a juxtaposition between the natural world and the industrial world. With an emphasis on more melodic guitar playing and the influence of the urban landscape, the “Silent Uprising” collection invokes images of a desolate rust-belt city where industrialism has begun to decline and nature has begun the process of re-growth.

The two members of Beneath the Lake, Nicolas Lampert and Dave Canterbury each have a long history in soundscape music. Nicolas Lampert (Milwaukee, WI) was a member of the Oakland, California based experimental-noise-punk band, NOISEGATE, from 1995-2000. During this time, NOISEGATE released two full-length recordings on the San Francisco label Tumult and toured the US and Canada extensively. Nicolas Lampert also set up numerous experimental-noise shows at the 40th St. Warehouse in Oakland, California for local and touring acts such as MERZBOW (Japan), MASONNA (Japan), ILLUSION OF SAFETY (Chicago), TRIBES OF NEUROT (Oakland), CAROLINA RAINBOW (San Francisco), UBZUB (Oakland), CRAWL UNIT (Sacramento), DEERHOF (San Francisco), THE THROWNS (Salem)

Dave Canterbury (Black Earth, WI) has self-released numerous recordings with the experimental-noise band, WAGE CLASS SLAVE and solo ambient-drone project DUST since the early 90’s. He records and engineers all of the material by Beneath the Lake and his other sound projects.

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