Caveman / R. Hoak Split Demo Mp3


Digital Download

1. Man vs. Dinosaur
2. Mating
3. Worship of the Sun
4. Stone Age Warrior
5. A Sacred Mushroom

R. Hoak

6. Song About a Girl #1
7. Saxes in Cut Time
8. Tribute to Some Other Guy
9. Song About a Girl #2
10. Crescendo With Saxaphone
11. Long Song in a Bad Way
12. Snare and the Night's Quiet
13. Atmosphere #2

Format: MP3 Download 256kps
Total Playing time: 38:46



Caveman / R. Hoak Split – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

This gem consists of two side projects from legendary whirlwind grind drummer Richard Hoak ( Brutal Truth / Total Fucking Destruction / Peacemaker).

CAVEMAN is exactly what the moniker implies. Tribal beats, grunts and howls swell to create an atmosphere of pure prehistoric ritual. Embrace the primitive savagery of CAVEMAN! Guest vocals on “MAN VS DINOSAUR” by DAN LILKER.

The R.Hoak side is experimental free-form jazz made up of manic overdriven drums, sax & noise. The soundtrack to a psychedelic speak easy.


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