Chris Bozzone – Horizons of Death CD


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Dark folk informed by ‘apocalyptic’ folk and the wyrdfolk that followed. Features vocals and cover art by Sarada of Stone Breath and vocals by Tara of Fursaxa. We’ll turn it over to Mark Coyle for a description: “Chris could be considered part of the new generation of ‘weird’ folk artists, but his roots and intentions run deeper than prevailing fashion. There is a questioning, even macabre vision of morbid dread to Chris’s music even when as on ‘At The Ebb of the Time’ it approaches the stark beauty of a traditional ballad. It doesn’t feel compromised or tailored to sell, which is its strongest quality. For some this intensity and consistent Ambrose Bierce as folk-song approach will be too much. This is instead music for those who wonder what is released from cracks in a mirror, if your unsettled mind flickers with that which might exist just beyond our reach, here is the soundtrack to your disturbed dreams. You might though want to keep the lamp on while the fuzzed guitars of ‘Tongues of Lizards’ call you to endless sleep tonight…” (Mark Coyle in The Unbroken Circle)

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