Crow Tongue – The Red Hand Mark CD + Prophecies and Secrets CDr set


1. The Red Hand Mark
2. Ghost Seeds
3. Osiris
4. Ypres
5. Sixteen Hooves
6. The Prophet’s Dream

1. Undead Voices
2. Four Horses Ride
3. Calling to the Ancient Ears
4. Owl Eyes
5. Evergreenman
6. Patchwork Men
7. Dreamer Prophets
9. Corpse Candles

Hand/Eye h/e036 + h/e037

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Crow Tongue’s “The Red Hand Mark” CD plus the dub version, “Prophecies and Secrets” together for one low price.

“The Red Hand Mark” closely mirrors the Crow Tongue live sound. The bones of this sound are guimbri-banjo (a bass banjo based on a Morroccan lute), hand-drums, and vocals. Their live sound has been called everything from “a more tribal Neurosis” to “Appalachian Doom.” Crow Tongue worships the groove, plowing out raw and primitive, dark, tribal earth and spirit songs. Featuring tiMOTHy of Stone Breath.

Crow Tongue has taken their songs from “The Red Hand Mark” and reinterpreted, remixed, and otherwise broken down to their skeletons…all in order to twist, tweak, reimagine, and rebuild them as “Prophecies and Secrets: The Red Hand Mark in Dub.” Not a traditional dub album, but using the techniques and experimental spirit of dub to create something new from the source recordings of “The Red Hand Mark.” (also includes some bonus material). “Prophecies and Secrets” will be housed in a flat cover that will fit INSIDE the cover of “The Red Hand Mark” – for those who purchase both.

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