Eyeless in Gaza – Bitter Apples CD


1. Bushes and Briars
2. To Cry Mercy
3. Year Dot
4. No Further than the Shore
5. Jump to Glory Jane
6. Dear Light
7. Returning Over
8. Dust Alphabet
9. To Listen across the Sands
10. Likeness of Summer
11. Sorrow Came
12. Earth (Legend of Two Daughters)
13. Guide this Night
14. Bitter Apples
15. Sunset 1903
16. Harps in Heaven

Hand/Eye h/e020

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The 20th release on Hand/Eye finds us offering a work from one of our favorite bands and an influence from a young age, Eyeless in Gaza. 1995’s BITTER APPLES saw Eyeless In Gaza shifting the balance away from the many areas of spontaneous improvisation explored in earlier collections. BITTER APPLES saw the re-investigation of their own peculiar brand of song and avant-folk. Geared towards a live performance bias, BITTER APPLES focused on the vocal/ bass/ guitar/ drum axis – albeit very much in a distinctive individualistic EYELESS mode, perhaps closest to the DRUMMING THE BEATING HEART period in approach. Drawing on folk, improvised and European traditional musics, and also with a distinctive take on their own personal backgrounds of pop and art-punk ethics, Eyeless In Gaza evoke a paradoxically uplifting nourishment from amongst the eclectic blend of melody and rich lyrical uplifting sound that is BITTER APPLES.

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