Fallow CD by Timothy Renner


  1. Wyrd Hollow
  2. Some Thing
  3. Where the Crows Go
  4. Twelve Moons
  5. Black Witch Bones (Grave Need)
  6. Buried, Lost, Forgotten
  7. Bygone Graves
  8. Candle, Corpse, and Bell
  9. Eyes of Fire
  10. The Moth’s Departure
  11. The Long Lost Friend
  12. Reynardine
  13. Osiris
  14. Red Footsteps (for Saint Leonard)
  15. Corpse Candles
  16. False Crow
  17. A Sorrow Spell
  18. Hear Her Wings

Hand/Eye h/e070

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Fallow is Timothy’s 2018 solo album. Acid folk telling of wood witchery, wights, and Other things.

Fallow by Timothy Renner

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