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The first recorded offering from twilight-psyche dronerock duo FULCI. Deep, rumbling, and eternal speaker-buzz worship, wrapped around lumbering riffs drunk on cough syrup and shimmering distortion overload. Howling feedback mantras repeated ad infinitum. Major key rustic lullabies are reduced to primal string scraping drones that climb over mountains of echoing hum. Intensely melodic and repetitious, like SKULLFLOWER covering EARTH 2 in an old, empty farmhouse. FULCI is Eric Crowe (formerly of Social Infestation, currently of Marax) and Adam Wright (head of Crucial Blast). Former members of Leviathan A.D. and The Bodybag Romance assisted on bass and drums, respectively. Mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound. Part of the great Crucial Bliss CDr series – comes in DVD-type packaging


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