Hand/Eye - Various Artists

Hand/Eye compilation – Various Artists 2xCD


CD1 “hand”

  1. AMPS FOR CHRIST “False Knight on the Road”
  2. IN GOWAN RING “On the Butterfly´s Wing”
  3. PETER SCION “Cynthia”
  4. SARADA “The Darkest Path”
  6. THE IDITAROD “The Rowan”
  7. STONE BREATH “The Blood of the Woven-Vine Divinity”
  8. GREG WEEKS “Night Must Fall”
  9. CURRITUCK COUNTY “Paid for Grace”
  10. RING “The Sun is Behind”
  11. WITCH-HUNT “Two Magicians”
  13. PRYDWYN “Hermit Song (Ianitrix)”
  14. FIT & LIMO “Oh Sphinx”

CD2 “eye”

  1. MARTYN BATES “Seven Yellow Gypsies”
  2. KEMIALLISET YSTAVAT “Leikattu Nurmikko”
  3. DREKKA “In Tension”
  4. TINSEL “Random Books Floating”
  5. FURSAXA “Porpoise Wings”
  6. TIMOTHY THE REVELATOR “Always All One, All Ways Alone”
  7. SKYE KLAD “Widdershins”
  8. PELT “Actias Luna Chase, or Moth Navigation”
  9. DIANA OBSCURA “West Wind”
  10. DEAD RAVEN CHOIR “We will not Whisper”
  11. MASON JONES “Can’t You See”
  12. SALAMANDER “Ghost Riders in the Sky”


Product Description

The Hand/Eye label has been bringing the world modern experimental-folk and psychedelic music since the early 1990s. Hand/Eye has forged a unique and varied catalog which, along with parent label, Dark Holler, has given the world everything from deep-space astral explorations to traditional fiddle tunes.

For the 10th Hand/Eye release we’ve gathered friends and associates from the world over, hand-picked for this celebration of music. All of the artists have provided exclusive material for this compilation. There are no convenient names for this gathering of music: Psychedelia, wyrdfolk, acid-folk, experimental, astral-folk… call it what you will, it cannot be bottled under one small label. The music shall speak for itself.


Additional Information

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Dimensions 5.25 x 5.25 x .75 in


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