Jessica Constable and Philippe Gelda – The Vine and Vein Collection CD


  1. Trembling Bass Introduction
  2. Bitter
  3. Caillou Tremblant
  4. Fishes
  5. Wonder
  6. Box
  7. Shawl
  8. Cool Thing 3
  9. Cool Things 1 & 2
  10. Cool Thing 4
  11. Minor Changes
  12. Caristoi / Classical Bla Bla
  13. Major Changes
  14. Hymn
  15. Overflow
  16. Trembling Bass Conclusion

Hand/Eye h/e035

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Jessica Constable sings written texts or stream-of-consciousness lyrics that she uses to explore resonance and texture, sometimes using electronic filters, echoes and modulation to transform her voice. Jessica also plays as a duo with New York sound artist Andrea Parkins; tours regularly with Ellery Eskelin, Andrea Parkins and Jim Black (with whom she has also recorded two critically acclaimed cd’s: ten which also included guests Marc Ribot and Melvin Gibbs and Quiet Music). She has composed for dance and theatre and performed in recent years with French Jazz Patriarch Francois Jeanneau’s Pandemonium big band, has recorded albums and/or toured with amoungst others Jeff Sharel, Soulreactive, The Flow, Tellemake.

Philippe Gelda prepares upright piano using everyday objects like beer mats and clothes pegs or uses other keyboards such as organ, toy piano, or melodica to create percussive and harmonic soundcapes reminiscent of some contempory composers and sound artists, French popular song, and rock. He plays solo, in various bands and composes extensively for theatre and dance, especially with choreographer Patricia Ferrara. He also collaborates regularly with visual artist Benoit Bonnemaison-Fitte who did the artwork for this release.

Jessica Constable and Philippe Gelda have been composing, improvising and performing together since 1991. Their suites for voice and piano (or organ) have been performed in venues ranging from theatres to a shepherds cabin. Constable and Gelda consider The Vine and Vein Collection to be a turning point in the evolution of their duo, when years of striving relaxed and became instead gratefulness for their unique working relationship.

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