Martyn Bates – Imagination Feels Like Poison book + CD set


  1. Mock Sun #1
  2. I Can’t Look for You
  3. Bones of Your Face
  4. Years of Salt
  5. I Forget You
  6. The God on the Tree
  7. Full Sail
  8. Flanaghan
  9. Fully Bright
  10. Mystery Seas
  11. This Wayward Love
  12. Fantacinni Playground
  13. Ellen Massey
  14. Letters to a Scattered Family
  15. Silvery Images
  16. No-One Spoke

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We have secured a handful of the original version of “Imagination Feels like Poison” which came with a book of the same title containing Martyn’s selected solo lyrics 1982-1995. These are out of print and, to our knowledge, we have the remaining copies. Nicely printed, with many photographs, this compilation shows the haunting beauty of Martyn’s words matches his voice. The CD with this edition comes in a cardstock slip-case with a different cover than the stand-alone CD edition, but otherwise the music/track listing is the same.

note: the remaining books are in less than perfect condition – many were damaged when they were shipped to us. Books are still in nice, readable condition, but may have bent corners or other cosmetic damage. We do our best to send you the best copy we have on hand.

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