Martyn Bates – Imagination Feels Like Poison CD


  1. Mock Sun #1
  2. I Can’t Look for You
  3. Bones of Your Face
  4. Years of Salt
  5. I Forget You
  6. The God on the Tree
  7. Full Sail
  8. Flanaghan
  9. Fully Bright
  10. Mystery Seas
  11. This Wayward Love
  12. Fantacinni Playground
  13. Ellen Massey
  14. Letters to a Scattered Family
  15. Silvery Images
  16. No-One Spoke

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The first U.S. issue of a full-length solo album by Martyn Bates, the stunning vocalist and founding member of Eyeless in Gaza – originally released mid 1997 to accompany the similarly titled book of lyrics – and has been unavailable commercially until this HAND / EYE release.

Comprising new interpretations of songs extant 1982-1995 hitherto unheard, Imagination Feels Like Poison is primarily a collection of songs (occasionally threaded through with fleeting ”illustrative atmospheric” sketches); a music brightly bittersweet, conjuring up ghostly and vivid invocations of folk/psych. Voice and, perhaps surprisingly, Banjo (an unusual choice for Martyn Bates), are the principal instruments that carry this music, a skeletal, simplistic music, deftly coloured and fleshed out by inventive use of Autoharp, Percussion, Whistles and Pump Organ.
Constituting totally solo recordings (co-produced and engineered by Eyeless In Gaza’s Peter Becker), this collection bears the distinct air of the highly personal/autobiographical, with dedications and references to the authors family. Luxuriously melodic, easily side-stepping lazy characterisations of genre, the album extends and elaborates upon Martyn Bates’ previously explored musical endeavours … quiet fire; filigree and mercurial, silvery images.”

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