Mike Vanportfleet – Beyond the Horizon Line CD


  1. Deep In The Morning Sun
  2. Echoes Of The Lost Sea
  3. Towards The Blinding Glare
  4. The Call Of The Horizon Line
  5. Stellar Buckshot Awaits
  6. Night Sky Illumination
  7. Dark Gateway
  8. Strange Star Transmissions
  9. Stellar Shower Begins
  10. Unsettled New Day

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Mike VanPortfleet’s post-Lycia debut is an ambient album built from the ground up with loop sources & effects into shimmering walls & minimalist soundscapes.  Crystalline harmonic washes resonating from the cold depths of mind & matter.  Glacial rhythms & serenity through fathoms of uncharted seas.  If Brian Eno collaborated with Justin Broadrick it might sound like this.  Majestic & heart breaking.

Mike VanPortfleet is best known for his band Lycia which officially formed in 1988 & officially ended in 1999.  In 2004, armed with new recording technology & an aggressive ambient edge only hinted at in Lycia, Mike recorded his solo debut, “Beyond the Horizon Line.”

Beyond The Horizon Line is somewhat of a concept record, involving a growing fear of the sky & it bringing the end of the world over the course of a 24-hour cycle, from sunrise to just before dawn with the fear the sun will never rise again.  The only lyrics sum up the main overall theme; scanning the horizon, sensing something unknown, and feeling the change taking place.

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