Moth Masque – Box Set


CD1: The Moth Masque

(the original Moth Masque album, remastered with bonus track)

1. Hope Beneath the Stars
2. Beneath Wing Shadows
3. Flutter
4. Kindred Moth
5. Staring into the Stars
6. A Moth History
7. Moon Under Moon
8. Wisdom on the Moth's Wing
9. The Dance
10. Moth Rest
11. Skeletonizer
12. Moth Angel Chant
13. More Symbols Thrown
bonus track:
14. Life's Lesson

CD2: Lost Songs and Moonhymns

(the unreleased second album along with some re-recordings of songs written at that time and several bonus tracks)

1. Moonhymn I
2. Nuclear Butterflies
3. Moonhymn II
4. Down in the Underground
5. Moonhymn III
6. Balfour Declaration
7. Gift of Primrose
8. Heard is Said
9. Moonhymn IV
bonus tracks:
10. The Dance (drums)
11. Life's Lesson (extended)
12. Morning Meds (Alicia Lee Wade solo)
13. Tap Code (Alicia Lee Wade solo)
14. The Birth Of (Alicia Lee Wade solo)

CD3: Communion

1. The Unmaking
2. The Revealing
3. The Opening
4. First Waking
5. Second Waking
6. Moonsecrets
7. The Communion


• Moth Masque (film)
• Life's Lesson (concept video)
• Stone Breath: A Dream of You in the Garden of Gethsemane (concept video)



During the years when timeMOTHeye took a break from Stone Breath he started 3 somewhat more experimental bands (Moth Masque, Black Happy Day, and Crow Tongue). Moth Masque was the first of these bands – an undertaking with Alicia Lee Wade.

The original Moth Masque CDr (long out of print) was followed by a never-finished, never-released second album and then a long break of inactivity due to moves and incompatible recording devices – but as we compiled this collection, Alicia and timeMOTHeye were able to provide some new sounds/vocals in 2012 for an additional album for this collection.

Also in this box is the Moth Masque film by Francesco Paldino and Maria Assunta Karini – an entire film using the original Moth Masque album as its only soundtrack – with concepts combined from the album and original themes conceived by Francesco and Maria. Bonus features on the DVD include another Moth Masque concept video for “Life’s Lesson” and a Stone Breath concept video for “A Dream of You in the Garden of Gethsemane.
“Moth Masque’s music begins with banjo – it is played in the clawhammer, 2-finger, and 3-finger styles; it is bowed, sung through, and beat like a drum; it is looped, processed, distorted and delayed. Here are the roots of the dronefolk sounds timeMOTHeye would continue to explore in other bands and on solo albums, but with the unique addition of Alicia Lee Wade’s brilliant vocals – sometimes singing together and sometimes separately – to create a music that is wholly Moth Masque.

The box set includes notes and lyrics for each album, bios, and art cards of new moth scratchboard illustrations by timeMOTHeye done specifically for this set.

A note on the DVD: the disc enclosed in this box is DVDr media. It is in NTSC format, region 0. We have tested the discs in several players and computers and they have played in all of them without problem, however you may want to make sure your devices can play such discs before ordering.

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