Necroparthenophagy/Layr Split MP3
Necroparthenophagy/Layr Split CD-rNecroparthenophagy/Layr Split MP3Necroparthenophagy/Layr Split MP3Necroparthenophagy/Layr Split MP3

Necroparthenophagy/Layr Split 3″ CDr


1. Donasdogamatatastos

2. Looming

FORMAT: 3inch CD-R
Total Playing time: 16:30

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Product Description

This split 3inch ltd edition CD-R joins two black souls in unholy debauchery.

Necroparthenophagy’s Coronzon departs from the structured songs of his full length, LAIAD CHIS ANANAEL, to create a black doom noise incantation to Lulo, the Mother of Vinegar. Ghastly howls chant in Enochian over pulsing, hypnotic negativity.

Layr creates a commanding, foreboding presence of extreme blackened doom from cavernous depths of despair. Feedback and noise converge with slow, agonizing beats and bottom heavy suffering.

You are purchasing a 3″ CD-R sealed in a heavy poly bag with two separate sets of artwork by Rebecca Zimmerman ( in semi-gloss black & white on heavy stock. Only 50 pressed of each cover. Comes with an Eleventh Key Sticker.


Additional Information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4.875 x 5.625 x 0.375 in


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