Night – Satellites CD


1. Discovery
2. Departure
3. Aurora
4. Delta
5. Astral Burial
6. Satellites
7. Atlas
8. Projection
9. Tidal Shift
10. Constellations
11. Titan

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NIGHT make their debut for Hand/Eye with their new full-length, “Satellites.” Pushing their sound into new realms, NIGHT, combine elements of post-rock, drone, space-rock, and metal into an instrumental blend, exploring various moods and emotions without uttering a word. Take a trip through inner and outer space with NIGHT.

NIGHT is comprised of Bobby Yagodich on guitar, Matt Jackson on bass, Zach Nace on guitar, and Mark Bixler on drums. Satellites, their second full-length,  is the strongest representation of their sound thus far. 2015 will find NIGHT touring and supporting Satellites extensively.

All members of NIGHT have their roots in various heavy metal acts in South Central Pennsylvania. In 2006, Bobby started a solo noise project under the moniker of Night as an outlet to do something other than fast paced, in your face, music. Three years later, the metal band that Bobby and Jackson were in split up. The two of them went on to create music using the name of NIGHT. Another year passed, and the previous band Zach and Mark had been a part of also disbanded. They also had a thirst to create music that was not exclusively heavy. Zach joined NIGHT in 2010, and Mark joined in 2012, completely changing it from a side project, into a fully cohesive band.

NIGHT takes influence from many styles music; ranging anywhere from the most brutal death metal, to the most relaxing instrumental music. However, music isn’t their only source of inspiration: self-reflection; exploring the range of human emotions through sound; and creating an atmosphere in which the listener can feel encompassed in their own inner or outer world – NIGHT draws inspiration from their experiences in the world around them. Sonically, the focus of the band is to blur the line between heavy and soft, dark and light, and to be a flowing consciousness of sound.

CD in jewelcase with color booklet.

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