Night/LAYR split CDr


1. The Great Storm
2. The Flood

3. Iron Law
4. Blood of the Lesser
5. Rat Pageant

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Eleventh Key presents this split release of exploratory sonics. Coming out of York PA’s flourishing experimental music scene, both NIGHT and LAYR push their sounds through hazy darkness; each following a different path.

NIGHT continues the unique blend of instrumental sounds we’ve heard on their previous releases: from metallic riffs to post-rock introspection – along with improvised experimental segments which turn traditional rock instrumentation on its head and serve to bridge their songs.

LAYR’s unique blend of black doom & noise follows. Bleak and tortured sounds summoned from the ancient dead; war drums and screams from haunted battlefields – captured in LAYR’s dense and bloodstained tracks. Behold!

5 songs (2 from NIGHT, 3 from LAYR), 39 minutes.
Professionally printed and packaged CDr.

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