Stone Breath – Children of Hum CD


1. The Dead Keep This
2. The Winding Way
3. Always All One, All Ways Alone
4. Brother Blood, Sister Moon
5. All This and Alice
6. At the Well
bonus tracks:
7. Song to the Folding Leaves
8. Just Like the River
9. Starlight Sight
10. The Famous Flower of Serving Men
11. Love in the Devil’s Tongue
12. Dark Veils Part

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Stone Breath return to the 2-person lineup of their second album some 15 years later with Children of Hum. 6 all new songs (and 6 bonus tracks) of Stone Breath’s haunted acid folk sounds. Children of Hum is perhaps the most cohesive and focussed album of the band’s long career. 100% acoustic, hand-made music comprised of two voices, celtic harp, flute, guitar, bouzouki, and whistles.

Thematically, Children of Hum looks outward and inward at once as the band clarifies some misconceptions. From the liner notes:

It’s my own fault. The paths I took were never the easy ones. They just seemed to be heading somewhere I needed to go. Someone had drawn the map clearly and marked boldly “here be dragons,” never thinking it was the dragons I was seeking. So I wandered – not always with my feet, but with my mind and my heart and my soul. Stone Breath has always been the sonic outlet for my spiritual wanderings and as a result, some people have made up their minds, according to their hopes or wishes or interpretations, that Stone Breath as a whole – or me, as the lyricist – is one thing or another. Invariably, they have been wrong. I have even been told, on more than one occasion, exactly what religion I am by people who did not know me.

Children of Hum is paired with 6 bonus tracks, 4 of which have never been released.



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