Stone Breath / Mike Seed with The Language of Light “The Ætheric Lamp” split LP


Side A: Stone Breath

  1. Beautiful and Terrible
  2. Scorpion Tears
  3. The Sky’s Red Tongue

Side B: Mike Seed with The Language of Light 

  1. Commit to Water
  2. Grendel at Long Mynd
  3. Rough Old Night
  4. Abraham’s Guest
  5. For a Good Friend

Hand/Eye h/e049

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This is a 12″ split LP limited to 300 copies.
With occult overtones, Stone Breath create complicated and intricately beautiful avant folk, this time with a distinctly Middle Eastern influence; half composed, half improvised, complex and driving.

Mike Seed and Language of Light bring a collection of songs drifting from the downright dark and haunting to the decidedly wyrd-folk imbued with a profound sense of introspection and occult mystery in melodies reminiscent of English folk ballad or early liturgical hymns.

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