Stone Breath – Songs of Moonlight and Rain (expanded) CD


1. The Ghosts of Sounds Long Dead
2. Seven Things Placed in a Hollow Tree
3. Pennies (Stolen from the Eyes of a Dead Man)
4. Wisdom on the Moth’s Wing
5. Perched Upon the Temple Bell, the Butterfly Sleeps
6. Flowers on Your Grave
7. Earthlights
8. The Sound of Ghosts Long Dead
9. Words Written on Petals
10. Willowisp
11. The Strength to Face the Stars Above
12. To Cull Undying Flowers
13. The Flight of the Black Swan
14. Long Lost Friend
15. Snaketooth Vision
16. Thunder Runs Through Me

Bonus Tracks:
17. Footprints of a Ghost Girl
18. My Ghost
19. Leafwalker
20. Funeral Gifts
21. Rain Song
22. Snaketooth Vision (Birth)
23. Seal of Seasons
24. Will-o-Wisp (featuring Fit & Limo)
25. The Long Lost Friend (cobweb’ed)

Hand/Eye h/e031

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Presaging the free/freak/acid-folk boom by almost a decade, Stone Breath carved a unique place in what was then a very lonely neighborhood. “Songs of Moonlight and Rain,” the first Stone Breath album, struck a spectral note somewhere between Syd Barrett singing nature poetry and The Incredible String Band’s more lonesome moments; blended with experimental graveyard-songs and acoustic drones into a brew of darkness and hope; nature and supernature; love and loss.
This 10-year anniversary edition presents the entire original album with nine bonus tracks! Several bonus tracks from the same period – dating back to the very first Stone Breath song ever recorded (1995), all of the songs from the “Strange Familiars” 7″ ep, and related songs from later periods, including a collaboration with Fit & Limo.

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