STONE BREATH – The Flight and the Fate of the Horsemen (box set)


disc 1:
1. One Good Eye

disc 2:
1. The Flight and the Fate of the Horsemen

disc 3:
1. Electric Ghost Banishing

disc 4:
1. Mother Rust

Hand/Eye h/e064

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NOTE: The physical edition is now sold out. The music is still available for download – see the Stone Breath bandcamp page.

The Flight and the Fate of the Horsemen presents over 75 minutes of new music from Stone Breath – taking the form of 4 long songs spread over 4 separate 3″ mini-CDr discs and packaged in a small kraft box with info/lyrics and a hand stenciled patch (on either black or green fabric – randomly inserted).

Post-apocalyptic in theme, these longer more experimental drone-folk pieces call to mind the Devotional songs from A Silver Thread to Weave the Seasons – showcasing multiple instruments and improvisation mixed with arranged sections.

The Flight and the Fate of the Horsemen is intended as a fundraiser for the TWO upcoming Stone Breath albums in 2016. Rather than do a crowd-funding campaign, we thought we would offer this special limited edition set and some new music. (For those kind enough and willing to contribute a bit more to the upcoming albums, we will make a special “producer’s package” available as well.)

All music will be exclusive to this box set for one year and one day from the release date (January 6, 2016). This music will not be available to download until January 7, 2017. At that time we will issue digital codes at request for any who have purchased the physical versions.

The first 33 copies ONLY will come with an extra card-shaped mini-CDr with another (shorter) song, Within the Falling Sands (in its own signed and numbered cover, but it fits in the box as well). This song will remain exclusive to this edition of 33 until the digital release in 2017.

NOTE: The first 33 copies are now sold out. Thank you. We still have copies of the 4-disc edition.

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