Stone Breath – The Silver Skein Unwound (expanded) CD


  1. Veil of Tears
  2. Wasp-Sting, Thorn, and Arrowhead
  3. A Bottle of Breath
  4. The Prayer of the Circling Birds
  5. Last Lost Love Song
  6. Secrets Bound in Skin
  7. Through the Trees Again
  8. Bless the Lily, Bless the Rose
  9. Ephrata Sacred Heart
  10. Midgard for a Dreamless Sleeper / The False Bird
  11. The Hidden heart
  12. For Those with Ears to Hear Us
  13. Let the Towers Fall
  14. Arrowhead, Thorn, and Wasp-Sting

Hand/Eye h/e045

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The last in Hand/Eye’s Stone Breath expanded reissues. “The Silver Skein Unwound” is rural acid folk, informed by the furrowed fields and green forests, shaded by falling leaves and falling dreams; time-worn, weird, blood-red, rattled and ragged. Sparse in places with thick tangled drones in others, aged in mouldy oak barrels for flavor, hidden from the sun, decayed, withdrawn. Here expanded with a previously unreleased song from the same sessions – includes the original illuminated color lyric booklet housed in special packaging.

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