Stone Breath – The Snow-White Ghost-White Stag CDr


1. The Night Birds Psalm
2. The Sleeping Rise
3. Where the Crows Go
4. The Song of the Bone-White Bird
5. Bedlam Boys
6. To Sleep with Skeletons
7. The Snow-White Ghost-White Stag
8. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
9. Mad Song
10. Sixteen Hooves

Deep Water Acres

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On March 31, 2012, Timothy Renner led his band of Dark Holler minstrels up into PA’s central mountains for one of our Deep Water concerts (a double bill with Arborea). While Tim has played here often, this was his first visit with the long-running/lately-revived Stone Breath, which to our minds clearly called for documentation via multi-channel live recording.

The show also marked the first significant out-of-town performance by the current edition of the group, and they certainly rose to the occasion, invoking the magick with dynamic versions of a cross-section of favorite songs from recent studio albums. As Stone Breath’s first-ever live release this is a must for any fan, and it also works as a fine (re)introduction to dark, spiritual, and macabre folk music that is the group’s trademark. Ten tracks, 40 minutes.

(for this performance Stone Breath was: Carin Wagner Sloan, Brooke Elizabeth, Don Belch, and timeMOTHeye.)

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