Stone Breath – Twist of Thorn Cassette


side A:
1. Where the Crows Go
2. Hand in Hand
3. Johnny has Gone for a Soldier
4. In the Garden of Ghostflowers
5. No Ends Meet
6. Silhouette

side B:
1. Madstone
2. How Many Hours ’til the Spider’s Work is Done?
3. Blood Winter

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( NOTE: cassette edition is now sold out! See Stone Breath Bandcamp to get digital copies of this release. )

Originally intended to be a small collection of songs to introduce Stone Breath to the Brave Mysteries listener (before our forthcoming LP), “Twist of Thorn” soon turned into an album. Re-recordings of Black Happy Day songs, traditional songs, and new originals.

What Brave Mysteries says:

Upon the opening of this cassette we are greeted by the familiar fresh air of Timothy’s unique finger-picking style, and lulled into mystical contemplation by his deep baritone voice. Layer after layer of devotional hymns push us further into the heart of the sacred grove that is Timothy’s own personal divine reality. Each song on this gorgeous album flows together like one long suite. Sparse and steady as ever, decorated in masterfully understated string work and inspired male and female vocal harmony; Stone Breath have conquered yet another peak in a rambling catalog of already staggering heights. A mere hint at the austere majesty of their upcoming LP on Brave Mysteries, this cassette is a stirring display of the continuous maturation and deepening that Timothy and his kin have become known for. To anyone who does not yet know Stone Breath, there is no better way to describe them than to quote directly from their own biography: “Wood, skin, bone, bronze, steel, gut. These are the materials of acoustic instruments. Materials of the earth. Stone Breath wanted to make earth music. Timeless music. Music that could be made without electricity. Music that could be played in field or forest (or even in lonely graveyards as was the case in the early days of the band). Stone Breath have held true to this vision over 9 albums, several EPs, various compilation appearances, and almost 20 years.” We are so honored to present “Twist of Thorn”, especially as we bid farewell to the final days of Winter, growing intoxicated by the opening gestures of the next coming season. These songs were created as a celebration of nature in the mode of death, just as it is before the rebirth of Spring. Keep an ear out for Stone Breath’s “Spear of Flame, Horse of Air” LP, coming this Summer on Brave Mysteries.

[Ltd. 100 Snow on Blood] Full 5-panel J-card with lyrics and notes.

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