Stone Breath – Who is Listening? CDr


1. The Dream of My Brother’s Father
2. Call the Fallen Wood, Touch the Cold Bones
3. Red Lion Sacred Heart
4. Coffin Sound
5. My Heart is an Acorn Buried in the Black Earth (2011)
6. Thunder Runs Through Me (2011)
7. Leaves About Our Feet, We Reached for the Moon (2011)
8. Sixteen Hooves

Hand/Eye h/e054

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After “The Night Birds Psalm” recording sessions, which long time vocalist Sarada was unfortunately unable to attend, she came for an extended weekend of recording. In this time Stone Breath recorded the selection of new songs along with remakes of a few older tracks which became “Who is Listening?”. Of all Sarada’s beautiful singing over all the years, these songs may be some of her strongest performances.

“Who is Listening?” is a companion piece to “The Night Birds Psalm” musically and conceptually. It is only available from Dark Holler Arts and a few select mail order outlets.

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