Stone Breath “Witch Tree Prophets” CD/booklet


  1. One Year and One Day
  2. The Heart and Star of Sacred Memory
  3. Old Bones
  4. The Curse of Saint Natalis
  5. Blood of the Woven Vine
  6. Mother Grave
  7. Beyond the Seventh Gate
  8. Mother Rust
  9. Whispers in the Wood
  10. Wake Nicodemus
  11. Reflections in a Sacred Well
  12. My Offering
  13. Witch Tree Prophetess



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The Children of Hum return with another offering to the spirits. 13 haunted songs which tell of the blessings of witches and the curses of saints. Stone Breath’s usual threads of stringed instruments and harmony vocals are here woven into sparse post-apocalyptic folk, tangled with folklore and personal mythology.

The first edition of the Witch Tree Prophets CD comes with a 30 page booklet which includes lyrics, illustrations completed specifically for this project – and two essays: one by Stone Breath’s Timothy who tells the story of The Witch Tree and one by noted paranormal author, David Weatherly who presents a tale about a tulpa. This version is only available directly from Stone Breath and Dark Holler Arts.

A second edition CD, without the booklet and housed in a standard jewelcase, will be made available for general distribution.

This product will begin shipping on or around August 11, 2017.

Note: the last remaining copies of the first edition with the booklet/CD are on the Stone Breath bandcamp page.

Witch Tree Prophets by Stone Breath

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