Stone Breath (with the Forrest Beggars) – The Shepherdess and the Bone-White Bird 2CD


CD1 Stone Breath “The Shepherdess and the Bone-White Bird”
1. The Song of the Bone-White Bird
2. The Vision of the Face in the Well
3. In A Breath: One-Thousand Years
4. Even the Dead Shall Sing
5. The Shepherdess of the Fiery Wheels

CD2 The Forest Beggars (with Stone Breath) “Virgo, Mater, Domina”
1. Hymn of the Angelus I
2. A Ballad of Trees and the Master
3. The Blessed of the Holy Trees
4. Crown Under Crown
5. Cantus Cordialis
6. Stabat Mater Dolorosa
7. On the Still Surviving Markes of Our Saviour’s Wounds
8. Did Those Feet
9. Hymn of the Angelus II
10. Lanterna Lucis Viriditatis (Revisitatio Brevis)

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Stone Breath’s visionary creation of Eastern-influenced rural acid folk finally comes to CD. From fingerpicked acoustics; to clawhammer banjo excursions; to the 20+ minute exaltation that is “The Shepherdess of the Fiery Wheels,” Stone Breath manifest their best work to date; an entire set of originals with the strange and beautiful harmonies and instrumentation which graced their past work. This expanded edition restores “Even the Dead Shall Sing” to its full length (it was edited to fit on vinyl) and adds a second full album, “Virgo, Mater, Domina” which was recorded over many years of collaboration with The Forest Beggars. Comes with booklet featuring lyrics, info, and full psychedelic illuminations for “The Shepherdess and the Bone-White Bird.”

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