Terry Earl Taylor – Another Time CD


1. I’ve been Away
2. Where the Cock don’t Crow
3. John Lankin
4. Wish I had a Parker Pen
5. She came down to Town
6. Long Journey Home
7. Go Make another Grave
8. Motel in the Pines
9. Sadie Grove
10. Dock Boggs is Dead
11. Hanging at Picnic Rock
12. Prettiest Girl I ever Saw
13. Waterbound
14. Poor Clarence Hopkins
15. Billy Bones
16. November 31st
17. Going ‘round the World

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Terry Earl Taylor plays a Fender Allegro five-string banjo in the two-finger picking style. He draws from the folksong traditions of the UK and Appalachia , and like all the great banjo songsters, he adds much of his own style to the music. A comparison might be Clive Palmer (though Terry has never heard Clive’s music!), or perhaps Dock Boggs if he was from Edwardian England. But really, Terry is his own man, playing his own music, timeless and original.

“Another Time” is a collection of songs that range from originals, to the partly traditional (with additional lyrics by Terry), to the wholly traditional. This music resides in the lonely back roads, haunted dark hollers, and graveyards of the rural traditions that bore it. One listen to the spine-chilling “Go Make another Grave” will make it apparent why we felt this Dark Holler was the right home for Terry Earl Taylor.

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