the does / Breathe Stone – Sleep Deprivation Blues / Crow Omens CD EP


the does
1. four am
2. five over three
3. sleep deprivation blues

Breathe Stone
4. Rara Avis
5. Crow Omens
6. Maria Walks Amid The Thorn

Hand/Eye h/e012

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The does (as in female deer, pl.) play music that is dirty, dark, and hazy. Singer Carol Anne and guitar player Neddal were brought together by their shared love of sleaze, sloppy rock ‘n’ roll, and feedback. Originally, the idea was to sound “something like a cross between the Rolling Stones and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.” Things didn’t work out as planned. Carol couldn’t quite shake her goth background. (She refers to herself as a “recovering goth.” Neddal says there’s no such thing.) Neddal couldn’t quite get the sludge out of his system. They wrote some songs. They went into the studio. When they came out they had three songs that didn’t sound anything the songs they’d been rehearsing. On the way to the studio they’d shanghaied Carol’s band mate Jim (Carol and Jim play in Toronto’s Nice Cat. Check them out, they’re sludgilicious!) to sit in on drums. What started out as moody, minimal blues/punk ended up as a brooding, psychedelic, not-quite-so-minimal mix of Pussy Galore, ZZ Top, the Melvins, and My Bloody Valentine.

Breathe Stone come with an impressive pedigree. Formed on October 31, 2002 by Mr. Timothy Renner, Breathe Stone is an extension of well-known acid/psych/wyrd-folks Stone Breath. Breathe Stone’s mandate is to take the dark, haunting, acoustic folk of Stone Breath in a more electric (literally), experimental direction. Timothy is joined on these recordings by his Stone Breath band mate Sarada, Alicia of Funeral, and guitarist RA Campbell. Using such instruments as electric banjo, slide banjo, glasstamboura, dumbek, and squeezebox, along with the electric guitar, Breathe Stone conjure images of crumbling farmhouses, empty glades, overgrown paths, and lonely silhouettes in the moonlight.

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