timeMOTHeye – Lost Gospel Music Volume 1: Beneath the Bleeding Moon CD-r


  1. The Weeping Eye of God
  2. Petals on the Arms of the Wind
  3. On the Still Surviving Markes of Our Saviour’s Wounds
  4. Blessed of the Holy Trees
  5. In Silence and in Shadow Keep
  6. Upon the Infant Martyrs
  7. Song Upon the Bleeding Crucifix
  8. Within Your Halo
  9. A Song
  10. Angel of the First Dream
  11. Another Eye

Hand/Eye h/e017

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“Beneath the Bleeding Moon,” the first volume in Timothy’s “Lost Gospel Music” series was recorded at Unreal House, direct to tape (yes, analog) over the course of a few nights in September 2004. With the exception of some overdubbed bowed-dulcimer on two tracks, all songs were recorded live with vocals and ent-banjo, an instrument of Timothy’s design.

Here are moon-songs to God and the green wood, and secret songs to night angels – drawing influences from east (Ostad Elahi, Abdelah Ghania) and west (Buell Kazee, Derroll Adams), Timothy blends the Middle Eastern/African roots of the banjo easily with its American descendant. Improvisation is blended with structured songs. Timothy’s music is blended with Richard Crashaw’s words (Crashaw was a Catholic metaphysical poet, 1613-1649, 4 of his poems are set to music on this release). The end result of these mixtures is “Beneath the Bleeding Moon,” an album unique in both concept and sound.

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