TVBC – gone CD


  1. Gandhi
  2. Holiday/Monotony
  3. Snakefinger
  4. Magneto
  5. Seven Eight
  6. Glamiff
  7. Mahler
  8. Sepulchre

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“Gone” was recorded at the height of TVBC’s popularity. The trio preferred to play only a handful of times a year. Almost without exception, however, these shows were sold out-and on occasion would last for hours. “gone” resurrects these songs-finally-and in spite of the oft-stilting environment of a studio, they come across alive and well.

The compositions on gone are full of calculation; calculated time signatures, jazz and modal scales, arrangements, loudness – both in volume and presentation. This is not akin to sterility, but rather to the calculation of a bee’s hive-full of fury and respect, metaphysics and physics, need and duty.

Mix this calculation with the spontaneity of improvisation: “Gandhi’s” patient trip into chaos is full of improvisations, both melodic and rhythmic; “Seven Eight” likewise rides on spontaneous inklings; “Snakefinger” both pays respect to the late Philip Lithman’s mind and acts out on thoughts of its own. In short, like the band’s mix of jazz and rock derivations, “gone” mixes calculation with improvisation and winds up showing neither hand.

In 2000, TVBC reformed with new bassist Scott Evans. Then, on February 22, 2002, TVBC reinserted themselves into the public scene with their first show in eight years. That night, five hundred people came to the Turf Club to see a band that had seemingly vanished in 1994. The music that, by all accounts, was a frenetic presentation of jazz and rock, calculation and improvisation-it was TVBC.

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