Various Artists – Record of Shadows Infinite CD


  1. In Memory with Blackest Wings I Fly (Ruhr Hunter)
  2. Uswena (Troum)
  3. Scarlet (Unearthly Trance)
  4. Cave Floor (Thuja)
  5. A.T. Drone Home (House of Low Culture)
  6. Of a Dead God (Scot Jenerik)
  7. Drone/Evidence/Foundation (Amon)
  8. Nihil (Chaos as Shleter)
  9. Hong Kong (Beneath the Lake)
  10. Untitled #133 (Francisco Lopez)

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A diverse collection of contemporary neo-minimalism and cinematic audio experimentation, bringing together eerie twilight drones, harrowing field recordings, intoxicating soundscapes, and hazy psychedelic ambience from across the globe. From pastoral to apocalyptic, a wealth of aural vistas are contained within. Featuring: Troum, Francisco Lopez, House of Low Culture, Thuja, Unearthly Trance, Caos as Shelter, Amon, Beneath the Lake, Scot Jenerik, and Ruhr Hunter. (this is the companion compilation to the “Shadows Infinitum” CDr)

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