various artists – Winged We Were: a tribute to The Incredible String Band CD


  1. B.all Grew Grace: Womankind
  2. Mayan Puppies: Everything’s Fine Right Now
  3. B’eirth: Painting Box
  4. Spitting Feathers: Blues for the Muse
    The Ursula Tree: Witches Hat
  5. Green Crown: Three is a Green Crown
  6. Tim Moon: Swift as the Wind
  7. Fishman and the Sea Apes: Nightfall
  8. Strange Woods: The Old Golden Land
  9. Dick Paul: You Get Brighter
  10. The Glad Undertakers: Black Jack David
  11. Ziggurat: Bright Morning Stars
  12. Walking the Witch: Red Hair
  13. Tanzers Traum: The Sailor and the Dancer
  14. Norman Lamont and the Invisible Bretheren: Spirit Beautiful
  15. Cloud Cuckoo: The Music of the Ages
  16. Stone Breath: Osiris
  17. The Spirits of Love: Spirit of Love


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In association with “Be Glad…,” the official fanzine of The Incredible String Band, we released this compilation of bands doing new versions of songs by 60’s underground folk legends, The Incredible String Band. Also includes a few covers of related material by Clive Palmer/COB. CD limited to 546 copies in parchment paper sleeve.

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