Ville Moskiitto – Retkikertomuksia CDr


  1. Kuundentoista Kautta
  2. Kappalainen
  3. Tiikeri
  4. Kuninkaiden Valtakunta
  5. Lukkarista Talonpojaksi
  6. Tasta Ettenpain
  7. Virkamies Tien Paalla
  8. Viimeinen Kerta
  9. Ala Hataile
  10. Unessa Olin Toinen Mies

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Another mysterious Finnish troubadour, Ville Forss aka Moskiitto, explores a moaning creaking acoustic ambience, a clattery free folk wilderness, much like his countrymen Avarus, Anaksimandros and Vapaa. Simple muted guitars strum and shimmer beneath a forest of sawed violins and bowed cellos, creating a dreamy, ramshackle stumbling acoustic folk. A haunting assemblage of scraped strings and mumbled buzz and wheezing reed instruments. Lengthy overlapping melodies unfurl into deep drones drone and ambient drifts, majestic and strangely stately, like some ceremonial ritual. Reverberating steel strings are the framework for the whole disc, their overtones spreading out like ripples in a pond, above which flutter mournful melodies and abstract sonic shimmers. At one point accordions drift in, their melodies floating above a tangle of stretched out guitar melody. Very blissfully rustic, like sitting around some crackling campfire deep in the forest, the music slowly shifting and changing shape as various travellers arrive and produce their own unique musical offerings. LIMITED TO 100 COPIES

New old stock from the great Barl Fire label!

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