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early August 2014.



We have new releases on Lost Grave and Eleventh Key (see below).  The physical orders for Stone Breath’s “Children of Hum” on Hand/Eye have all shipped, however it is still listed as a pre-order because the digital album won’t be released until August 26, 2014 to coincide with the in-store release date.

New distro items include In Gowan Ring’s beautiful Full Flower Moon 10″ record + CDr  as well as a special set of their CDs of The Glinting Spade (the original version reissued as well as the re-recorded The Glinting Spade Revisited).

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Lost Grave


New from Lost Grave:

Police State‘s LOST GRAVE debut Rot In Prejudice ( R.I.P ) is a sonic bulldozer of hardcore/crust/sludge fury. This York, PA three piece plows through social/political topics ( racism, police brutality, income inequality, marijuana legalization, religion etc.) with a seemingly endless supply of rage and contempt. Lumbering riffs, stop on a dime blasts, and a monstrous dual vocal delivery, paint a bleak landscape rife with systemic moral decay.

Rot In Prejudice was recorded and produced by Kevin Bernsten at DEVELOPING NATIONS studio( Ilsa, Magrudergrind, Full Of Hell ).

order POLICE STATE Rot In Prejudice HERE

catch a preview for the album HERE


Eleventh Key

New from Eleventh Key:

The Owls Are Not What They Seem is the dark ambient brainchild of multi-instrumentalist & visual artist, Bobby Yagodich. Having created three full albums in shadowy isolation, “Gnosis” departs from his normal convention by means of collaboration. Guests include Max Shoop ( Horde of the Eclipse ), Dustin Nispel ( These Seeds ) and Brian Magar ( Albatwitch, Layr ). This formation has created Gnosis, an hour long, auditory blood pact rooted in funereal soundscapes, minimalist black metal, and pure sepulchral din. Densely layered noise, brooding guitars, blood curdling violins and grief stricken vocals conjure ghastly visions through a fantastic world enshrouded in pure darkness. Enter the abyss.
Order Gnosis HERE

You can see a concept video and hear one of the tracks HERE



STONE BREATH‘s new CD album, Children of Hum, is available for pre-order. Returning to the 2-person line-up of their second album (some 15 years later), the band has delivered perhaps their most cohesive collection of songs in their long career. The 6 all-new album tracks are paired with 6 bonus tracks for almost an hour of music.

You can pre-order Children of Hum by STONE BREATH HERE

You can hear a track from the album HERE

There is a special package of the CD being offered with a limited edition print of the album cover art by STONE BREATH founder, Timothy. You can pre-order the limited edition print + CD package HERE

The print is also available separately HERE


Up next on Hand/Eye will be the second full-length from ALBATWITCH, If Corporations are People, Why Won’t They Die? The duo continues the anarcho-experimentalism from their first album with the mix of blackened metallic crust, acoustic folk, drone, and noise getting angrier and darker as they age. Stay tuned…

News from our Artists


Stone Breath



STONE BREATH will be playing saturday NOVEMBER 8, 2014 at Sidebar in Baltimore, MD. With Destroying Angel, Dreadlords, and others.


Police State


POLICE STATE will be playing thursday SEPTEMBER 18, 2014 at Skidrow Garage in York, PA. With Curse.
…and sunday SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 at Dishaus in Baltimore, MD. With Cloud Rat and Nervous Mothers.


NIGHT Facebook

NIGHT will be playing saturday SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 at Reid Menzer Skate Park in York, PA.
…Night are in the process of recording their next full-length release.

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