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November 2014.



Albatwich‘s second full length is available to pre-order NOW. See below for more details. We hope to have new Albatwitch t-shirts and patches soon as well.

We added many new-old-stock and a few used t-shirts. Stone Breath, In Gowan Ring, Green Crown, Mourning Cloak, The Poor Minstrels of Song, and more – a couple of these shirts we had in stock before (we found more in a box) and some we have never had in the catalog or haven’t sold in a decade or more. Most of these are in one or two sizes only.

A note and an apology about the lathe cut release from last newsletter (Stone Breath – Fire Beyond the Seventh Gate). A few regular customers were upset that they didn’t get a chance to order this item before it was sold out. This was a test to see how lathe cuts would do for us AND how extremely limited edition releases in general would fare. It was a success all around … EXCEPT for the way we handled notifying folks. In the future, we will try to give more notice both here and on Facebook (and any other places we can think of) so everyone will know when the ON SALE date is. We will also try to do pre-order sales so you can secure copies before they are released. We apologize for the way that release was handled.

We will be doing more lathe cuts, as long as we can find lathe cutters who are dependable and can get the records made in a somewhat timely fashion – look for a 7″ from Stone Breath and some kind of lathe cut record from Albatwitch in the future – as well as others. 

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NEW! h/e061 ALBATWITCH If Corporations are People, Why Won’t They Die? CD pre-order.
New Albatwitch full-length in digipak. Order today and we’ll send it as soon as it is available.

Pre-order If Corporations are People, Why Won’t They Die? HERE

Pre-order the album digitally via Albatwitch‘s bandcamp page

latest release from Lost Grave:

order POLICE STATE Rot In Prejudice HERE 

latest release from Eleventh Key

Order The Owls Are Not What They Seem Gnosis HERE


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