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The Owls Are Not What they Seem have two new releases on Eleventh Key – released in September for the Shadow Woods music festival, Poisoned Chalice is a 5″ lathe-cut picture disc limited to 50 copies, while Pinnacle CDr is a combination of live recordings and a preview of The Owls (ANWTS) next full-length – due in 2016 from Eleventh Key.

Both The Owls (ANWTS) and Stone Breath will be playing the all-day Grendel Fest on Halloween in Hagerstown MD.

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the latest release from Hand/Eye

h/e062 NIGHT Satellites CD



the latest release from Lost Grave

#13.08 Time Moth Eye and the Spectral Light Grave Needs 2CDr set.

You can also get Grave Needs via the Time Moth Eye bandcamp HERE

Check out the Lost Grave etsy shop for lots of limited edition items, art prints, original art, and more.

the latest releases from Eleventh Key

EK-11 The Owls Are Not What They Seem Poisoned Chalice lathe-cut picture disc


EK-12 The Owls Are Not What They Seem Pinnacle CDr

News from our Artists

Stone Breath

Stone Breath is very busy working on several new recording projects – the new full-length album included. After experiencing several delays over the summer months (relative to issues outside of the band and their control), they are back to writing and recording. There should be announcements upcoming on the album title and track lists as well as other limited edition projects and more.

Stone Breath did make a t-shirt over the summer – one of the most popular images in the history of the band – the Dei Sanguis Sanguis Lupi emblem. This shirt is available via bandcamp – unfortunately size medium is sold out – but other sizes are still available (including XXL, if anyone needs extended sizes).

EVERYTHING at the Stone Breath bandcamp page is 15% off through Halloween! Just enter this code at checkout: lantern   …(this sale is open to everyone)



The Owls Are Not What They Seem

The Owls (ANWTS) CD have been very active both live and in the studio. After a great response at the Shadow Woods festival in september, look for The Owls (ANWTS) at Grendel Fest on Halloween and Altered States in 2016. Their new album, Hearth, is coming in 2016 as well – and they will release a new video, Coven, on Halloween! Keep updated with the band on Facebook:

THE OWLS (ANWTS) facebook



Time Moth Eye

Time Moth Eye (timothy) designed a special shirt released for the Albatwitch Festival in September – this design was made for the Albatwitch cryptid creature, not the band of the same name – as well as some Albatwitch vinyl stickers. You can grab any/all of these at the Lost Grave etsy shop. timothy and Stone Breath played The Albatwitch Festival (Columbia, PA) for the second year in a row and plan to return next year. timothy is looking to do further art (and music!) for other paranormal and folklore related events. He is currently working on a long-term illustration project which ties in with local folklore. More on this as it progresses.






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