Dark Holler Arts UPDATE, April 2, 2014

News from the labels:

Lost Grave

NEW! and just released on Lost Grave is LAYR’s debut full length CDr, “Hidden Realm.” This is limited to 50 copies with black-on-black hand stenciled covers.

“Hidden Realm” treads forward on the dark paths carved on the split releases with Necroparthenophagy and Night. The drums of war echo throughout “Hidden Realms” but there is no praise of heroes or celebration of victory here. The bleak horrors of war, the dread and the doom that follows it, the false promises of those who lead, all creep like shadows through sheets of metallic guitars, black ambience, and tortured screams. 10 songs on the album proper, plus 2 bonus demo tracks. (features Timothy from Stone Breath / Albatwitch on one track)

You can get “Hidden Realm” by LAYR HERE

You can hear “Battle Throne,” a track from the album HERE


More releases coming soon from Lost Grave. All Lost Grave releases are small editions, handmade packages, etc.

If you want to, “like” LOST GRAVE on FACEBOOK, for more frequent updates.

Eleventh Key

Still new, but not quite as new as LAYR’s full length above, the latest release on Eleventh Key – the NIGHT / LAYR split CDr:Eleventh Key presents this split release of exploratory sonics. Coming out of York PA’s flourishing experimental music scene, both NIGHT and LAYR push their sounds through hazy darkness; each following a different path.NIGHT continues the unique blend of instrumental sounds we’ve heard on their previous releases: from metallic riffs to post-rock introspection – along with improvised experimental segments which turn traditional rock instrumentation on its head and serve to bridge their songs.LAYR’s unique blend of black doom & noise follows. Bleak and tortured sounds summoned from the ancient dead; war drums and screams from haunted battlefields – captured in LAYR’s dense and bloodstained tracks. Behold!

5 songs (2 from NIGHT, 3 from LAYR), 39 minutes.Professionally printed and packaged CDr.

You can get the NIGHT / LAYR split HERE



Several upcoming releases planned from Stone Breath, United Bible Studies, and more.


News from our Artists

STONE BREATH has completed recording for a new ep/mini-album called “Children of Hum, part 1.” The line-up for this album was a bit of a re-set to the second album (so, just Timothy and Prydwyn there). This ep will probably be released with another, as yet untitled, collection of songs using the line-up from the first album (so, Timothy by himself). This ‘double ep’ will be the equivalent of a full-length album worth of music. This will most likely be released on Hand/Eye on CD sometime in the first half of 2014.

STONE BREATH is looking for a label to do either a 2CD collection or two separate single-CD issues of their albums from last year, “Twist of Thorn” (previously cassette-only) and “Spear of Flame, Horse of Air” (previously, LP only). Both albums have exclusive bonus tracks for the CD issues. If a suitable label can not be found, this will be released on Hand/Eye, eventually, but at this time we have decided to try to concentrate our resources on new releases as opposed to reissues of material available in other formats.

STONE BREATH in a new form will likely start playing shows again this spring/summer. They are writing material with the new line-up, as well as crafting “Children of Hum, Part 2” – the full length follow-up to the “part 1” ep.



ALBATWITCH has written and recorded a lot of new material. With plans to do a split release with PEACEMAKER (Rich Hoak of BRUTAL TRUTH), a new full-length, and possibly a split 7″ ep with another artist, there will be a lot upcoming from the Albatwitch witches. Albatwitch is looking for labels to collaborate with for releases in all formats.

There was (is?) to be a cassette version of Albatwitch’s “Only Dead Birds Sing Over the Graves of Fallen Kings” – though there is some uncertainty as to if/when this will be available. The band recorded two new, short songs specifically for the cassette – these songs will get released in some form, if the cassette never surfaces.



TIMOTHY/timeMOTHeye is working on a new project influenced by his Albatwitch duties – a kind of anarcho-wyrd-folk hybrid. Probably to be released as an art zine/CD collection similar to his UNDEATH album – look for it on Lost Grave.

TIMOTHY will also have a new art print up for sale soon on Dark Holler Arts.


NIGHT is getting ready to head back into the recording studio. With several eps and a split with LAYR behind them, NIGHT is set to record their first full-length.


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