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June 2014.



Lots of news to report on all fronts, so here we go… ( “LIKE” us on Facebook for more )



STONE BREATH’s new CD album, Children of Hum, is available for pre-order. Returning to the 2-person line-up of their second album (some 15 years later), the band has delivered perhaps their most cohesive collection of songs in their long career. The 6 all-new album tracks are paired with 6 bonus tracks for almost an hour of music.

You can pre-order Children of Hum by STONE BREATH HERE

You can hear a track from the album HERE

There is a special package of the CD being offered with a limited edition print of the album cover art by STONE BREATH founder, Timothy. You can pre-order the limited edition print + CD package HERE

The print is also available separately HERE

Up next on Hand/Eye will be the second full-length from ALBATWITCH, If Corporations are People, Why Won’t They Die? The duo continues the anarcho-experimentalism from their first album with the mix of blackened metallic crust, acoustic folk, drone, and noise getting angrier and darker as they age. Stay tuned…


Eleventh Key

Upcoming on Eleventh Key, a full length release from NIGHT guitarist Bobby Yagodich’s THE OWLS ARE NOT WHAT THE SEEM. Black ambient bleakness.

You can see a concept video and hear one of the tracks HERE


Lost Grave

Out very soon on Lost Grave: the debut album from York PA crust dealers, POLICE STATE, Rot In Prejudice. POLICE STATE have quickly become one of our favorite local bands – heavy, agressive riffage and angry dual vocals driving home a politically righteous message.

News from our Artists

Stone Breath

STONE BREATH, after many years of avoiding digital releases, have finally put their entire catalog on Bandcamp. STONE BREATH will not be making their music available for download via iTunes, Amazon mp3, or any other digital retailer. The Bandcamp page is the ONLY legitimate source for STONE BREATH digital downloads. Get it on Bandcamp and get it directly from the band.


Since finishing Children of Hum (see above), Stone Breath has been hard at work on TWO box set projects. One is a multi-artist box set done with some friends – we’ll announce more about this soon.

The other box is going to be a very limited edition in very special handmade packaging. We hope to have these ready by September – but the packaging is such that we will only be able to offer 2-3 of these box sets every month. This will include lots of NEW music exclusive to this box which we will not make available on Bandcamp until 1 year and one day has passed from the initial release date.

STONE BREATH will be playing live at The Depot in York PA on friday June 27, 2014. We will be playing first/early as we are the only acoustic act that evening.



Police State

You can catch POLICE STATE live on the following dates:

June 21 at The Depot in York, PA

June 27 at Aural Debasement in Lancaster, PA (with URBAN WASTE)

July 27 at Baltimore Punx Picnic (Baltimore, MD)

“like” POLICE STATE on Facebook


NIGHT will be playing (with STONE BREATH) on June 27 at The Depot in York, PA

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