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late September 2014.



The major announcement at this time is the release of a very limited new Stone Breath ep, Fire Beyond the Seventh Gate (see below).

We should have some more back-of-the-closet t-shirt finds soon (Mourning Cloak, The Spectral Light & Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree, more). Most of these are new old stock or shirts we made for ourselves but never ended up wearing (or not wearing much)…we’ll add them to the catalog as we get them photographed.

AND we are slowly working on getting our Bandcamp site updated. A bunch of new albums added this week (the entire Crow Tongue catalog – including out of print titles like Hoofbeat, Caw, and Thunder and Ditch Mix Volume Three)

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NEW! h/e059 Stone Breath Fire Beyond the Seventh Gate ep – 5″ square lathe cut record + 3″ CDr. This is a limited edition – 24 physical copies only in hand-cut transparent covers with transparent inserts. 8 new songs (4 appear on the record – these are repeated on the CDr, with 4 more added). Order this item from Dark Holler Arts or the Stone Breath Bandcamp page. This ep will be available digitally only after all physical copies have sold.

Order Fire Beyond the Seventh Gate HERE


Stone Breath‘s latest full length, Children of Hum, is available now!

Coming soon on Hand/Eye: ALBATWITCH If Corporations are People, Why Won’t They Die? CD (a very pissed off second album of genre-bending blackened grindcore-folk-crust-drone)

latest release from Lost Grave:

order POLICE STATE Rot In Prejudice HERE 


latest release from Eleventh Key


Order The Owls Are Not What They Seem Gnosis HERE



News from our Artists


Stone Breath



STONE BREATH will be playing saturday NOVEMBER 8, 2014 at Sidebar in Baltimore, MD. With Destroying Angel, Dreadlords, and others.



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