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Hand/Eye Record Label Hand/Eye was formed in 1994 by Timothy Renner and his wife Alison. Hand/Eye is a family-owned and artist-run label that grew out of a tape label Timothy ran from 1989-1994.

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Dark Holler

Dark Holler Arts Record Label Dark Holler was formed in 1999 as a sister/parent label to Hand/Eye. Dark Holler is a family-owned and artist-run label in Central, PA, that focuses on traditional Folk releases.

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Eleventh Key

Eleventh Key Record LabelEleventh Key focuses on limited edition releases and digital distribution for local musicians from (and/or in and around) south central Pennsylvania. Doom, Black, Experimental, Post-Metal and Noise is what we peddle.

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Lost Grave

Lost Grave Record Label Lost Grave concentrates on small editions, handmade packaging, and obscure formats. From reissues of underground music to newly discovered bands. Post-punk, experimental, crust, doom, drone, grindcore, noise, and more.

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