Centuries of Deception | Necroparthenophagy split


1. And Then There Was Chaos
2. The Bleeding Skies
3. A Farewell To The Gods
4. Ati Me Peta Babka
5. Teloch De Enoch
6. Shwarzes Metall Macht Gewalt
7. Eli Baltuti Ima’’Idu Mituti
8. Morte Moriatur


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Eleventh Key is proud to unearth this split release from the depths of the underground! This is a riveting look at two unique, and somewhat polarizing, USBM bands !!!

Centuries of Deception start things off with their brand of inaccessible, disgusting and depressive old school black metal. CoD deliver a powerful strike against all that is false by unleashing a beast built from mechanical drums, buzzsaw guitars and woefully sardonic vocals. Recorded in true necro fashion, CoD have captured the underground sound of the early second wave of Black Metal. Totally wretched, raw and esoteric!!!!
CoD’s material dates back to 1998. This will most likely be their second and last release.
Centuries of Deception is Dead, Long Live Centuries of Deception.
The fourth track on the split ( “Atti Me Peta Babka” originally by Enchanted Sorrow ) is a collaborative effort between the two bands. This piece acts as a gloomy vision of what is to come from Necroparthenophagy.
Necroparthenophagy is, by far, one of the most unique modern USBM bands. There is something so primordial and avant-garde about their sound that it almost transcends music all together. Tortured synth noises float above repetitive drum and bass lines while a howling sorcerer casts ancient spells. A geyser of sulfur heaves under the lash of a sinister whip. Prepare to experience true BLACK METAL POWER VIOLENCE!

Format: Pro packaged CDR
Length: 48 minutes

Eleventh Key EK14

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